Trading a Focus for a 2016 S550 Mustang GT

Would you believe, that yours truly, has managed to fandangle himself into a 2016 S550 Mustang (5.0L, of course) for a nonspecific period of time, at no cost to himself, in which to road trip across the continental United States?

Yup, definitely sounds like a pipe dream. However, this story twists even further. In order to use the 2016 GT, I have to leave my beater 2004 Ford Focus station wagon in the (hopefully) capable hands of Andrew, an employee and friend working at American Muscle.

Ludicrous, indeed. But this is what is happening. My friend Alex and myself have been able to negotiate a deal with Andrew from American Muscle, wherein we trade him my $250 Ford Focus, and in exchange, he hands us the keys to his new 2016 ruby red Mustang GT for us to use as we traverse from east to west.

Of course, a deal such as this, there is certainly a catch. In this case, I am required to "document" the trip (via photo and text) as we go. I'm not worried. 8000 miles, 26 days, 13 cities, 2 guys, one Mustang. Whilst is not in one of by beloved Foxbody Mustangs, a 435hp Coyote-powered rocket should still easily make me smile. All in all, this ought to be phenomenal!

To read more (and especially to read a more in-depth explanation of this ridiculous venture), head over to the AmericanMuscle blog where I'll be posting as the trip progresses. (Scroll to the bottom to see the very first posts)


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