About FiveOhInfo & Foxbody Mustangs...

Welcome to FiveOhInfo, a place where I am attempting to post useful data pertaining to all 5.0 L V8 Foxbody Mustangs (but nothing else, as they aren't manly enough... KIDDING). I try to post everything I possibly can about these cars. Casting numbers, stock OEM information, performance and repair tips, really anything and everything Foxbody Mustang.

Why did I start this site, you may ask? Well, it is a pretty simple story. Back when I was a young Padawan (I am now a full Jedi, thank you), I purchased one 1987 Ford Mustang GT, equipped with (of course) a 5.0L V8 and a 5-speed T5 transmission, to be used for my inter-city missions and explorations. Even stock, it was a babe magnet (even moreso than myself), the ultimate wingman. At first, I was quite content to leave her how she sat - 25 years old and OEM as the day she rolled out of the Ford factory. However, having in interest in computers as well soon led me to discover some online Mustang communities. I lurked around these communities for a while, cloaked in my Jedi stealth, until I got a better feel for whom was Sith and whom was not. During this period of observation, I read a lot about Foxbodies. And I mean a lot. Now, it is said that knowledge is power, and I aspire to be the most powerful Jedi out there, so it is no wonder I soon became addicted to these sites, visiting them several times a day, soaking in everything I could about the Foxbody platform.

I was hooked. I read about every subject. Foxbody performance, Foxbody repair, even just stock Foxbody facts. My car, being 25 years old and nearly original, soon enough things started to go wrong - starting with a blown transmission. Thus, I started to apply my knowledge to my own Foxbody as needed. What started as a passion became an obsession, and it was at this point that I decided to start compiling everything I had learned, and everything I felt had been particularly useful to me in regards to any aspect of my Mustang.

So, ideally, as I progress to learn more, to experience more and, unfortunately, to repair more (hey, it is a 25 year old car!) I intend to document all of my thoughts, actions and proceedings in my dealings with Foxbody Mustangs. I intend for this place to one day become the absolute best resource for Foxbody Mustang information.

To date, I think I have amassed a pretty good collection of information. However, I am always looking for more information (be it stock specs, performance tips or anything Fox-related), if you have anything you would like to add or comment on, feel free to communicate through the public forum or more directly, through the contact page.

-Connor MC

1987 Mustang GT