5.0L Foxbody Specs

Originally introduced in 1979, the Foxbody platform popularity exploded with the introduction of the 1987 Model. Featuring the same 5.0L used in the years prior, Ford slapped on some E7TE heads, which were good to bump the horsepower up 25HP to a then-astounding 225HP (which is a now-meagre figure). Despite a lot of interest in the aftermarket, the Foxbody Mustang has sort of become a classic, with more and more owners seeking to purchase stock, unmodified Mustangs, or to restore them back to their OEM specifications when they rolled out of the Ford factories. Use the links below to find all the OEM Ford specifications on all the various systems of the Mustang.
Foxbody Specifications

VIN Decoder
Ignition & Fuel
EEC-IV Codes
Torque & Fluid Capacities