Foxbody Fluid Capacities and Torque Ratings

See below for basic Foxbody 5.0L V8 engine fluid capacities and general bolt torquing information. This section is still in progress (like many others), so keep checking back. If you need a specific spec not listed, contact me.

Torque Lists and Diagrams
Foxbody Mustang 5.0L torque ratings diagram
Common torque rating discussion

Engine Oil

Engine Capacity Oil Type*
2.3 Non-turbo, All V6 & V8's 4 qts
5 qts with filter change
10W-30 (0+ deg C)
5W-30 (below 0°C)
2.3 turbo 4.5 qts
5.5 qts filter change
10W-30 (0+ deg C)
5W-30 (below 0°C)

Foxbody Fuel Capacity All engines
Year Tank Capacity Minimum Grade
1979-9315.4 gal, 60 L87

General Torque Specifications

Application Torque Additional Info
Wheel Lugs 80-105 ft-lbs 1979-1993
Spark Plugs 5-10 ft-lbs
10-15 ft-lbs
10-15 ft-lbs
5-11 ft-lbs
10-15 ft-lbs
5-10 ft-lbs
4 cyl
2.8L V6
Inline six
3.8L V6
79-87 V8
88 on V8
Oil pan drain plug 21-38 ft-lbs
15-25 ft-lbs
2.8L V6
All other engines