Mustang Technical Service Bulletins

Listed below are some full-text Ford technical service bulletins issued for the Mustang from 1987-1993. This is not by any means a complete list. I am still on the hunt for other full-text versions to post here. Most places only list the title of the TSB, I want to publish the entire TSB. If you have any or know where I can find more, please post them in this thread: Ford Mustang TSB's.

1987-1993 Foxbody Mustang TSB's
Article No. Title Description Download
95-2-2Air ConditioningO-ring removal from spring lock coupler.95-2-2
96-15-6Air ConditioningFiltering system, flushing, tracer dye, leak test etc.96-15-6
96-17-10Air ConditioningUSe of R-12 refigerant and substitutes.96-17-10
95-14-4Ball JointsBall joint replacement procedure.95-14-4
90-22-6Brake SquealOccasional or intermittent squeal from brakes.90-22-6
94-25-2BrakesBrake rotor machining specifications, information and availability.94-25-2
95-6-2BrakesRougness during application95-6-2
93-24-1Bumper Cover Repair/MaterialsBumper cover materials and repair procedure.93-24-1
94-8-1BumpersBumper isolater and bracket assembly, replacement procedure94-8-1
93-24-10Dashboard LightsDimly lit or malfunctioning dash and warning lights.93-24-10
92-18-6Engine Engine: 5.0L
Premature wear on thrust bearing or crankshaft.

Metal-to-metal sound, AOD

AOD interference with torque converter & flywheel bolts

96-10-7FuelCalifornia fuel requirements.96-10-7
94-8-9Fuel SystemMotorcraft fuel injector cleaner - repair parts and service tips.94-8-9
93-26-1Glass, Rear DefrosterInoperative rear glass defroster93-26-1
90-18-3No charge - Battery Discharged - Fuel Pump Noise90-18-3
90-1-9Oil Consumption (5.0L EFI)Details potential causes for excessive oil consumption.90-1-9
94-24-4PaintPaint and sheet metal preparation.94-24-4
96-1-1SteeringPower rack and pinion, revised info for tie rod installation.96-1-1
96-22-1Windshield, Interior GlassHealth concerns over fogging of windshield and interior glass.96-22-1
96-24-6WiringElectric diode identification and replacement.96-24-6