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Foxbody Steering

1986-04 Foxbody Mustang Ball Joint Replacement
A how-to, the easy way, on installing new ball joints in place of your worn ones for your Foxbody Mustang. It's actually a pretty easy job, only requiring one special tool - a ball joint press. However, most auto parts stores have a tool rental program where you can borrow the tool for free.
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1986-04 Foxbody Mustang Tie Rod Replacement
A how-to, the easy way, on swapping in new tie rods in place of your worn ones, both inner and outer. It's actually a pretty easy process, only requiring one special tool - an inner tie rod remover. However, these are easily obtainable for free from your local auto parts store (to borrow).
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Foxbody Suspension

1986-04 Foxbody Mustang Front Suspension Swap - The Lazy Man Method
A how-to, the easy way, on swapping in new front struts and coils on your Foxbody Mustang. Should be fairly accurate for all Mustangs from 1986-2004. Later Mustangs (1994+) will have additional brake equipment, such as ABS sensors, to deal with.
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1987-93 Foxbody Mustang Rear Suspension Swap
A how-to, the easy way, on revamping the tired rear suspension by swapping in new shocks, coils and quadshocks for Foxbody Mustangs. Accurate for all Mustangs from 1987-1993. May share similarities with Mustangs from 1994-2004.
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Foxbody Drivetrain

1979-93 Foxbody Mustang Universal Joint Replacement - Manual Transmission
A quick reference guide to how I replaced the universal joints (u-joints) on my 1987 Mustang GT. Please note, this car has a manual transmission. An automatic transmission may differ.
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Foxbody Performance Tech

Converting an Explorer Throttlebody to work on a Foxbody Mustang
Learn how to convert a 65mm Explorer throttlebody to work on a Foxbody 5.0.
Author: tmoss (
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GT40 & Stock Mustang Intake Capabilities
Great information on the stock and GT40, both ported and unported versions, intake for enthusiasts looking at upgrading their 5.0.
Author: tmoss (
GT40 Capabilitie: View PDF : Download .doc
Stock Capabilities: View PDF : Download .doc

Foxbody Intake Porting
Learn all you need to know on porting stock and aftermarket 5.0/5.8 L intakes.
Author: tmoss (
How to make a porting template: View PDF : Download .doc
Porting a Stock Upper Intake: View PDF : Download .doc
Intake Porting: View PDF : Download .doc

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