5.0 Foxbody Mustang Performance

It comes at no surprise that eventually everyone wants to upgrade their Fox's 5.0L engine. With a bit of cash and some proper know-how, you can change the stock 225HP output to something more like 350HP. If you're looking for some ways to increase your Foxbody Mustang's performance, check out the articles below. A budget friendly build utilizes Ford GT40 or GT40P cylinder heads, which can be found at scrapyards for as little as $50. If you want to take your Fox's performance a little further, check out the Ford 5.0 Engine Build FAQ to learn how to go come 300HP, to 400HP, to 500HP.

However, before getting into any of these articles, it is highly recommended you first read our list of Top 10 Foxbody Modifications to get a clear idea of what to upgrade not only on the engine, but the suspension, the chassis and brakes.

After that, you can decide which way you'd like to go. An ecomonical performance build can simply be upgrading the stock E7TE cylinder heads by porting them yourself. Or, as previously mentioned, GT40/GT40P heads. If you have some more coin to spend, look further into aftermarket cylinder heads, an aftermarket intake and an aftermarket camshaft. A proper combination of these 3 performance parts will easily lay 300rwhp+ to the ground from a 5.0 equipped Fox. If you want to go bigger, consider stroking your 302 to a 331 or 347. Either of these larger displacement engines topped with a performance top end (heads, cam, intake) can lay down a hefty 350-400rwhp.

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