Trends spread across the internet, so if something is popular on one platform, it is likely to be famous among others as well. Plus, if you notice things on these underpriced sites, you can buy them and resale them on Amazon. This is referred to as “online arbitrage.”

As you can see, finding products to sell on Amazon isn’t tricky if you have a sound approach and the correct tools. With some knowledge, you can find products to sell on Amazon.

Where can you find Amazon Products to Sell?

  1. Make use of product research software.

  1. Conduct a keyword search.

  1. Pinterest is an excellent resource for inspiration.

  1. To check the best-selling products on Amazon, go to the Best Sellers page.

  1. For ideas on what to sell, look at the Amazon trend report.

  1. On Amazon product pages, look for the best-selling connections.

  1. Examine how things are selling on various marketplaces.

Pulling up the product page regularly to seek this information for every product you sell now or may want to sell later is unrealistic. Manually doing this task if you sell hundreds of products would take hours. It could take much longer if you’re trying to collect data during the market research phase. You’ve got a better choice. You may quickly and easily discover the Amazon Sales Rank for any product you’re interested in and other information that will help you make better inventory decisions.


Where do you find Amazon’s Sales Rank?

The Amazon Sales Rank for any product featured on the Amazon marketplace may be found on the product page. Open the product page and scroll down until you see a Product Details or Product Information section.

It will be below the seller’s product description, but above the Questions and Reviews sections, so you’ve gone too far if you see those parts. Look for Best Sellers Rank once you’ve discovered it. You’ll see a list of the product’s Amazon Sales Rank in each category it’s listed in.

Why is it important to know your Amazon Sales Rank?

Knowing your Amazon product ranking has several advantages for sellers:

  • You will be able to find new things to stock. Being a successful Amazon seller requires choosing the right things to offer. Knowing what customers want and how competitive each category is can help you make informed judgments about the things to sell.

  • It assists you in determining which products are the most valuable to have in your inventory. If you have products that constantly rank well and others that consistently rank towards the bottom, your storage space is better spent on the former.

  • It provides information on the size of the market and the potential of each category. If the rankings show that a particular product is popular, it’s a good idea to carry a high-quality item in that category and sell it effectively.

  • For clients, high rankings translate into social evidence. Customers are more likely to find and buy one of your items if it ranks in the top 100 for a category or top 10 for a subcategory.